Sunday, September 5, 2010

People Can.... I Mean Are Sicking!

I consider myself to be a pretty nice guy. When someone needs help, I will go above and beyond to make sure I do my part in helping them with whatever they need. Whenever someone has called me and has a problem, I take the time to listen to them and offer advice straight from my heart with 100% honesty.

I have done lots of things for people including: physical labor, computer training, personal problems, loaning money, running random errands, taking drunk friends home so they don't get arrested, free tutoring, and so much more. I do not do these things for any type of recognition whatsoever but rather as a personal favor to myself.

When I help someone out doing whatever the chore maybe, I feel satisfied and I feel like I have done a good deed. More than not, people are grateful and they come back later for additional help and advice which assures me that I am doing a good job and hopefully being the best friend that I can be.

Slightly shifting subjects, what bothers me the most is that no matter how good you can be to a person, or how much you can do for someone, or how good of a friend you are to a person, you can still be taken advantage for all your worth. I know people work very hard for their belongings, and to have them stolen from you can be a horrible experience.

I recently had my motorcycle stolen and it has put so many things into perspective for me now. It affirms me that you really cannot trust anyone whatsoever in this world. I mean I trust my family with my life, but I know many sons and daughters who have told me that they would not trust their parents with a single thing. Either because they are always infringing upon their personal space or have shared information with others that they should have kept within the family.

Since my motorcycle has been stolen from me, I have taken many actions to make sure I can help prevent this from happening again. In my opinion, it is sad that I have taken so many actions just to prevent my property from being stolen. I recommend people taking the same actions that I have done.

Since I am in a college town, I really never thought someone would steal my motorcycle just 6" from my door when I was not home. The horrible thing is that I had asked for Comprehensive insurance which would have covered the theft but they neglected to add it to my insurance. So to help this from ever happening again, I have taken many steps to help prevent this from happening again. If you would like to know to to make sure your property and vehicles are well protected, let me know and I will inform you on some methods to take.

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